How to: Random Teleportation | 3/10

Everyone has asked this and I have come with an Answer

First all your going to need is however many teleporters you want. with a zone

So first you wire the zone to trigger, Ignore counter Because for mine I used a counter

Secondly Go to blocks of the trigger Then put this in the triggers block code

Lastly Go to your teleporters and put your channels in like this
Screenshot 2024-01-06 7.23.17 PM

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Nice guide!

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Can you change the difficulty to 1/10 or 2/10 (or make a poll) because I don’t think this fits the context of a 3/10 difficulty guide. Other than that nice guide!

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Nice guide, but because this guide is so short, maybe improvise (as I say a lot). I suggest adding why people would want this in their game, what it could do, just something or anything to make it more descriptive and useful for others.


Forgot a part which would of made it long enough ;-;

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Unofficial and neccessary Bump

Nice Guide! No way I just made this yesterday for one of my maps!

this works, yes, but is waaaaay too much work.

simply have a teleporter outside the map with the target group being “RandomTP”, and then have all the teleporters you want to choose from have the group “RandomTP”. then just have whatever triggers it wired to the first teleporter, and have it “teleport player to target”. it will teleport players to a random teleporter with the group. waaaay easier, no blocks, down to 150 memory, unlike this, which uses a minimum of 765 memory.



Similar? Basically what you said, Karl…


Can’t you just make multiple teleporters with the same group???

yeah i already said that

I have tried that it doesnt seem to work

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Untitled- Jan 7, 2024 10-53 AM

which one has the target group? im confused

5 and 5

4 goes to 5 so yeh

nice guide, but can’t you just have teleporters with the same target and base groups like @CringeKarlScott said?


no no no
have one teleporter have the target group of 5, and the rest have the group 5

the one with the target group will take you to a random other one

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Yeah its a one way randomizer, you can teleport to 5 different ones, but still go back to the original teleporter. And is it not set to the same channel?

Ummmm… Teleporters in the same group are already randomized, like cringekarlscott said…

no they are not actually