How to respond to a NPC via buttons on the popup

Question is up there. Pls answer this is urgent!

you would use call to action channels linked to what you want to say

wait I’ll send an example of what I want

How do I make a button like the ok?

Also if you get the time you should play GimWars its an awesome gimkit creative game

Like visible buttons? the big old green buttons?

show me the whole screen of that pic

look at the image i posted above that’s an example of what I need

give me a second ill get it

Is this what you wanted?

yes that is a poup I think lemme go check

no but popup is only text

Yes its a popup All you need is a popup block then you go to secondary action and put what you want

oh ok thanks let me try it ou

Look at that this a popup just I did not add the call to action

Thank you so much. Now I can finish my map in time

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mark a solution now which preferably would be mine

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