Need help with moving props and zones

How do I make a convincing moving prop and is there a limit to zones

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Moving prop:

Zone limit:

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The limit to zones is 64.

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Use animation there are a few guides, and yes there is, its like 64.

Also, don’t use the game-recreation tag

I know about that method, I made something like that to make a moving sentry. My question is, is there a way to do that in a more optimized way to say have 20 moving things moving at the same time not in a pre-set animation. I’ve don’t it before with one sentry but it wasn’t rly optimized

It’s about me recreating a game

The forums are very iffy about tags, don’t argue lol.

No, I don’t think so. Are you making tower defense or something?

Not exactly, I need them to be able to move responding to the player and path find. I’ve done it with a single sentry before but never with multiple and the setup I used isn’t very expandable

Using a text display is the most optimized way to do something like this that I know of, but it’s not super high quality.

You are so smart, thanks. I wish it had loops so u didn’t have to type out evrey different combination.

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Just generate the content of the text display….

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