Need help making 2 apartments

So for my map that I’m working on I want an exterior of 2 multi-level apartment buildings scarred/overrun by plants. But, I suck at stuff like this so help would be nice.

maybe post you game c0de on the wix?
Imma try to find some guides on this brb

Maybe, But I don’t have time rn :confused:
Also I’ve just started on this project and I’m trying to visualize and plan out what I want.

Ok so list of props to use:
Escape Hatch
Alien plant
Evil Potted Plant
Groundbreaking Plant
Plant Canister
Lab floor for Lab
Little bits of dirt
Marble Stone for Floor
Walls: Asphalt Road
Maybe add button for clues?

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Follow this guide but make it look broken and add some of the props that THEHACKER120 suggested.

(Make 2 buttons in front of it entrance that says: Go to floor one and go to floor 2, etc,. (Or something like that, wire then to teleporters that will teleport them “Inside” the building)

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use this guide, for the apartment, and add groundbreaking plants crawling up the sides, you could also tint the walls green, to give it that abandoned look.