Need a thumbnail

it seems more beneficial to yourself than to your mother, but uh… ok?

@I_Like_Props … and @VoidFluffy are making thumbnails… so after they finish we will make the POLL!

I just @Kat_aronii asking her to make a thumbnail also to the competition… and she said YES! So @I_Like_Props , @VoidFluffy and @Kat_aronii is making thumbnails after them… its time for a poll! THERES SO MANY GOOD THUMBNAILS IDK WHICH WILL WIN


@NavyCatZ I have just seen this guys art and its really good! Hopefully he tries too… poll will be on June 1st

She’s a girl.
And she’s inactive.

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Oh ok, thanks for telling me.

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Don’t rush @Kat_aronii @VoidFluffy @I_Like_Props because the poll is in june 1st! Btw, can I see the progress yall have so far?

don’t ping thumbnail artists.
the mods said so themselves.

Ok, sorry abt that

Hey @Theworldo, if u didnt mind i change the thumbnail

Sorry- I’m getting a bit burnt out with bedwars-themed thumbnails. I don’t think I’ll be able to deliver my best for this one. Besides the worldo has the best one already

Here is mine:


This is mine:

You can add your title if you use it.

Just made some edits @bobithan

no problemo! I hope you’re game goes well!

So, when voidfluffy and kat_aronii is done we will make a poll. Btw anyone else can try too! I prefer handrawn.



I’ve did like three bedwars thumbnails this month so far lol.

I just hate drawing beds
when you start drawing stuff over and over it gets boring, you’ll see
unless you do photoshop

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The beds are easy to do. It’s just that it gets boring because it’s bedwars. I did like three and I’m tired of it lol.