Need a thumbnail

Here let me show screenshots of what i mean.


Screenshot 2024-05-15 2.05.42 PM

@margimkitcreator can you explain this to me pls?

The art category has something the others don’t: A description.

i like how the art category everyone seems to accidentally repost or mark solution…
and never does mark solution…5% of art posts are unsolved and 50% are no longer being used…huh…

How did you do that??!?! Thats incredible!

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20 character moment .-.

you can just use the < and > trick for short responses.

You should see what he did for gimkit awards in creative…it was MIND blowing…just as regular thumbnail would be great but kinda common but making in gimkit creative IMPOSSIBLE yet he did it.

Who made it in gimkit creative?

nevermind i looked more into it, who i was told did it was wrong…it spikelord who actually did it.

oh, who told you that I made something in gimkit creative?

You, uh…can’t communicate with Fox anymore…

So thats why his pfp changed… What did he do?

OH. It says it on his account…

when ilikeprops is done… ill make a polll!

I can make one too!



so much weird stuff going on today lol

This is the gimkit forums, so its normal.

OFC! Sorry didnt reply…

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my mother said i make great art, so i mentioned her for mothers day! I’m keeping it