Need a thumbnail

I need help for a thumbnail, details- We need a bed on an island floating in the sky, a bed will be to the right, there will be any type of wall stone, dirt, anything for the wall protecting the bed! There will be the water glass gim skin protecting the bed, and another gim secretly about to break the bed with a pickaxe.


you didn’t have to put all those unesscary letters plus use the pic either @Blackfox45666 or I send just to announce this.

I can’t edit. nor can me or u summon artist according to Pharlain so wait for help.

Removed the art tag, since it’s usually for guides that make art, not art-request.

also, you don’t need to show your excitement for thumbnail requests coming back. it’s a bit… unnecessary.

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that what I said :frowning_face:

but this is still correct

I suggest you might wanna just edit that out a bit.

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Stop :skull:. This is just gonna encourage people to do more thumbnail requests. We are trying to keep it a minimum. This is a GKC forum after all.

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Its allowed… theres barely any.

it fine you request thumbnails you just don’t gotta announce it is approved. I pretty sure some people already saw it don’t gotta make a topic about it.

And what you’re doing is encourage more people to request them with that title.

Changed it

thanks for fixing the title but the pic still a problem only use the pic when someone say thumbnail is not allowed at all so do edit the pic out too but other then that let get back to what u need

Edited title since you’ve jubilantly and exuberantly shown that you’re excited they’re back.


Would anyone like to try?

Details are on top

I prefer hand drawn, but anything works! Ill make a poll when 10 artists make a thumnails.

hey don’t bump this a lot just wait for the artist to come to u or look at the artist bio to see if they want be mentioned for thumbnail request that doesn’t mean ping random and go crazy just wait for them to come to u.

Ok lol

Kat_aronii, bob6000, voidfluffy, itzjay, and ilike_props. Im not gonna @ you guys but can you guys try? You guys have amazing thumnails.!

I’ll Try to make one with canva
but what other gim

Any other gim