Need a thumbnail

Do you draw or do Photoshop?
If you draw, do you do digital or paper?

I draw.
I do digital.

Can I see some of your previous work?


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Cool- I’d recommend a few things:
-Take use of layers when coloring the Gims
-Shade using the clipping tool
-Keep a consistent legs-to-body ratio with the Gims.
Great work, keep it up!


I never used layers that much. Maybe, I could actually use that to my advantage. Shading might sound like a good idea! I usually want to make it look cartoony, but I’ll try! I sometimes mess up on the legs so I’m definitely improving that part. Thanks for the advice!

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Would anyone else like to try? I prefer handrawn, but you dont need too.


Glass half full looks like an anime villian :joy:

lol… but can anyone try??

since I have time
I am working on one for you

(oh no, someone’s fighting at lunch ;-; )

I’ll post the result as soon as I can
what I have so far:

OMG! HOW DID U DO THAT… that insane


ngl, kleki needs some better fonts…

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Ok, what about u remove the text. And ill edit it. Ill put a different text and dont worry, ill make sure to credit u

I’m sorry, but I can’t remove the text…
I closed out of the kleki tab and I cannot re- access the original layers.

I can help with this! :slight_smile:

I am also working on a game called Ultimate Bedwars. Cool!

lol i know right

20 character

ngl I missed the thumbnail requests. I’m glad they’re back without anyone yapping about
“hypocrisy on the forums”

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Thumbnail requests cluttered up the help category. Now that there’s an art category about it, it is more organized.


Wow… kat is incredible. GUYS! If anyone else wants to try they can! You have up to June 1st!