Need a thumbnail

lol, btw does anyone else wanna make a thumbnail? I know the @I_Like_Props is and @ItzJay

I made a thumbnail yesterday, but nothing can compete with Worldo.

Arnt thumbnails not allowed?

There allowed again.

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We’ll do a poll as soon as @Kat_aronii @I_Like_Props @ItzJay are done…

it was indeed on purpose

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HEHE… funny thing I haven’t started on the thumbnail yet .-. It’ll be done by today (hopefully)


Btw, anyone else can try too

Btw @I_Like_Props are u making a thumbnail too? and @Kat_aronii are u?

I dont think kat is doin one


I am :slight_smile:
it might be bad tho

not to be really off topic, but yes, they are allowed again. and welcome to the forums!

OK, take your time. :smiley:

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YO THAT LOOKS SO GOOD :hushed: :open_mouth: :astonished:. What program do you use?

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I use Scratch :skull:
I’m pretty good at it tho

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that looks like catagories…i mean when you go to users page and can see whos most active, etc. it had ONLY gimkit awards catagory for users…why?

You made your thumbnail with SCRATCH?

it was an official event approved by mods for the best creative map on discovery I think they still voting and doing the result winner get gimcoins only a certain people had control or could make topics in that category