Need a thumbnail really bad

oh thank you! you’re the first person to know! also i’m celebrating my birthday today because none of my relatives are working.

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thank you too! :slight_smile: i’m surprised now people are knowing!

Sweet! Happy Birthday and enjoy it! ;D

thank you dude! i’ll enjoy it for sure!

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click this to see all the thumbnails i made!

The game is about deactivating a magnet on the spaceship that grabs metal

Hi, I can make one!
You’ll find my work around thumbnail requests, but here are my favorites in my Canva:

Sure you are welcome to make a thumbnail @VoidFluffy!

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@VoidFluffy make sure to put kraken alpha on the by …

And it is in the sky so note that pls!!!

I’ll make sure to do that-
basically creds would be:
Game By Kraken Alpha

By Kraken Alpha that is my name in gimkit

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That’s a decent thumbnail right there.
I would recommend making the blurred images and the drawn images cohesive so it doesn’t look awkward.


Yes!!! I will use this

Oh can you make some vortex agents falling beneath the spaceship?

I will never be able to make thumbnails, I don’t understand how you can do it!

I can make some good thumbnails too but I can’t hand draw

??? I thought so, I went on and logged off as soon as I saw casino. ???

Not that kilki wrong link sorry wait this is right