Need a thumbnail really bad

The game is called echo 1 and can there be a any Gim jumping down onto a boat and a spaceship blowing up behind the Gim jumping down

I can try. but give me time

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Thanks for the help!

this good?
Screenshot 2024-05-16 1.57.43 PM

hello you still here man?

Yes I am but not like that in the sky pls

can i try please? pretty decent ngl

I got u Ill be done real fast

I dident realy have any good layout for this sorry but i tryed

Final product

Did you not see the reply it is in the sky and the boat is falling and my name is GimGamer1 not gimjumping1

Chris10 yes you can try I allow you



Echo 1 Thumbnail

Be Sure To Credit Me!

That’s really good but it is in the air. Got it

And THANK You for making my name GimGamer1 not gimjumping1

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because it’s falling into the boat like you said

And your “pretty decent”. Your literally good! :+1:

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I forgot to wish you happy birthday two days ago, so happy birthday! :partying_face: :tada: :birthday:

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Happy late birthday, chris10!

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