My spawn pusher doesn’t work anymore Can someone please help me!

I was making a spawn pusher in my game where I hooked up a zone to a reapeater where when player enters zone start repeater. I then hooked up the repeater to a counter wher every 1 second added one. Hooked up to a trigger Then after 8 seconds activated the trigger which sent you to a random teleporter. Then I did when player leaves zone reset counter and stop repeater. It was working for a while and then suddenly it randomly started to teleport people even when they weren’t in the zone. After that it stopped working entirely. Does anyone know why that is?

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I don’t know, but i do know why the mechanism stopped working.
If you are using a trigger, it has a 300 trigger limit.
So when the trigger triggered 300 times, it stopped working.

Do I have to use a new trigger every time then??

did you test it 100 a few more times?

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I tested it over and over again. I even re checked my coding like 5 times

Probably more than that

but was he really testing for 2400 seconds straight? (40 minutes)

Yeah I definitely wasn’t

Perhaps you can send a screenshot of the code blocks so we can figure out what is wrong?
If there are any channels please describe their function.

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coding? what coding?

blocks maybe? or the devicec

I used blocks for the trigger
Pick random integer 1-4 if 1 broadcast channel 1 etc.

oh. but that should work if you used a guide…

In select devices, you can create a Block.
That is where the coding comes from (like the trigger, it should have a blocks tab on the left)
For a deeper understanding of this, please take a look at this guide:

well, duh. I know that. otherwise I wouldn’t respond to posts with block code.
unsalty: anyway, I was just wondering bc he never mentioned coding in his topic post and I forgor about the randomizer

Sorry gotta go know I will try again tomorrow if it is a bug it might be gone tomorrow

That’s not how that works (I think)…what trigger limit?
I know of a channel limit where a channel can only be broadcasted on no more than 300 times in an instance.

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wait so there isn’t a trigger limit? I was confused bc didn’t know there was one but I assumed Johan Gim wasn’t kidding…

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When you teleport out of the zone, it de-renders to save computer memory. Because this happens, it doesn’t detect the player leaving, so the repeater doesn’t stop correctly.

I had this happen with a button once

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So what do I have to do to fix it?