My Clarified Thumbnail Request

Maybe I should’ve clarified better.
Here is my clarified request:
A 5-stage course with custom gims (doesn’t matter how many)
I would like the platforms, props, and gims 3d please.
And I would like each course to be separated with a line
ex: (Credit to Jon_Gon)
And I would like to have the name on it as well.
(If you have any questions about it,just ping me!)

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Can you give me a gim for each part? Then I could improve it!

No problem!
Just give me a minute so I can find some.

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Wait… how many gims do you want in the thumbnail again?

it doesnt really matter

were the penguin and farmer gims custom?

no i just found gims in my locker

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Oh, would you like me to make custom gims?

posting these here so you can see them again! :smiley:

Final summit:
Knight (1)

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sorry if i sound mean
but i don’t really like those
I’m looking for something kinda like this:

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working on it(will not finish till tomorrow)
any specific details?

just custom gims (Idrc how much)
and 5 summits,3d platforms, and lines separating each summit like the example above
(sorry if I sound picky)

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should I post my work so far?

Go ahead!
I would love to see it so far!

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here is mine (still a lot of work ahead tho)


that’s really good so far!
Keep up the good work!

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so just hand drawn gims?
any details on how they should look or what they are doing?

just want to know if level 5 is a boss level or not.

(I think there’s a guide on making custom gims handrawn)
I’ll find it in a min and edit this
edit: here’s the guide I found:

also, the details for what they are doing are totally up to you!