Moving sentries?

This was used to be possible, but they patched it.


The only way to make them sorta move is using an animation

if we are just going to start talking abt ai and stuff then lets just move here

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coz im working on a HUGE project to create a chatbot

gonna take months

and to anybody saying its not possible,
possible, just very time and memory consuming

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*AI chatbot

Sentries can’t move but they can with animation .



we that’s the best we can do

the sentrie health cant be carried over (we cant track shots, yet)

Thanks. People have started to notice, so I guess I’ve been doing a good job here!

@poison_king please mark a solution; i think your question is answered. if not, here

we can do this using triggers and many sentries (deactivating and activating), but we cannot carry over the health of the sentries, because
a) we don’t have negative health granters
b) if we did, josh removed senty interactions
c) if we still had sentry interactions, we cant track shots, either. I’m half sure there’s some people working on that.

moving sentry’s would be hard, yes, but your can use zones all over your map to make it so the sentry’s can follow you. simply wire the sentry’s and the zone and make it so when the players steps in the zone, the sentry that accompanies that area gets activated. however, this would be tedious, because then you would have to wire every other sentry to be deactivated. its possible, just really hard.

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you think that’s hard when there’s a software for coding called WatsonX (not advertising, chill). it can do all the hard work for u. if coding get’s added into gkc for platformer/normal, then that’d be rly helpful.

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that would be a great help for my ai chatbot project

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yeah if the devs actually add it. but idk if they actually would. maybe josh or jeff may know.

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its not found YET but what i mean is we can find a way

I even texted a moderator about adding animation devices

It’s possible, but it takes up as much memory as the poorest Skyblock player’s amount of coins in their bank account, which is approximately 7363783.

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really specific lol.

Well always REMEMBER, It’s impossible now, But it wont be for later in the future. (you never know.)

that takes so much precious memory tho

I think its possible