Moving sentries?

I want to make a group so we can all use our minds to figure out ai and movement of sentry’s

But they can’t move, right?

That’s the thing, we can’t add mechanics like that to Gimkit. We can add AI (not that we have yet), but making a sentry move is, and I really dont like saying this, impossible.


That Isn’t Possible

Josh said [around 5 months ago] that moving sentries was something he wanted to add to Gimkit. However, there is no date of implementation yet.

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actually, jelly, it is! sentries are literally part of gkc for building your map!

There is a very complex way to do it

not full movement though

Sentries are AI
And also the topic is changed to Moving Sentries meaning that this is completely relevant to creative.

Since sentries are in the game ofc.

No, it’s about coming up with ideas on how to move sentries and understand their AI within GKC. Completely relevant.

how much health does this sentie have

that is actually true, jell

Sentries are AI though.

They just have a appearance

Ohhh… I’m extremely sorry for the misconception. I thought it was about supernatural forces :slight_smile:! To answer your question, sentries are extremely simple. They rely on calculating the direction of the closest player not on the sentry’s team. Then, it will fire from the selected device following all statistics.
Hope this helps, Jelly.


dude, ur literally jelly. u talkin 2 urself or…?

Please don’t make fun of my username. And I am trying to answer the question.

im not tryna insult ur user.

this got me confused.

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yeah @poison_king it is jsut not possible.

omg you regular!! i kinda left forums for a while lol

Come on no wanted to link my guide?

(joking, sorta)
It only works in platformer though, but you can make a really complicated and extremely ineffiencent system to move sentries.

@poison_king this is not fully possible yet and please mark a solution as chatting is not allowed