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today im going to guide on what i made like FishTopia!

First step

First step is to get 5 item granters then put them close to each other like this

second step

Second step is to get a button and wire it to the item granter with the bait

third step

Third step is click on the item granter with bait and then go to blocks
and then when your on blocks press on wire pulse

fourth step

fourth step is when you press on wire pulse do this

last step

the last step is to start the game and see if it works!

I hope you guys are satisfied with my guide! :grinning: :+1:
If this works and you like it pls give me feedback!
And credits to @getrithekd, @Cryptoraider_Gemkit and @MachineFun and @legoBuilder



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even more credits?

oh my bad THE HACKER I forgot that part

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@GIMKIT.CREATIVE please search before you post as randomizing and fishtopia guides already exist

guides like this exist, nevertheless: good job!

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thank you @chrysostom

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thanks THE HACKER and Foxy for reminding me to put the credits!

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um there’s a randomizer guide already

heaps of them

and i made the full fishtopia guide (except for the table of contents):


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