Monopoly help please

Does anyone know all the rules to Monopoly?

Some of the rules are that you roll a dice, you have community chest cards and chance cards,


That you can buy properties for an increasingly larger amounts of money as you go around the square, and higher costing properties make more initial rent. You can build houses for proportional costs to the price of the property and side, for more money (not sure if there is a formula for this), and you can trade and sell properties, as well as disabling your property for a set amount of money, and you have to pay money to unmorgage it to gain control of said property again.



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If I remember correctly, you start with two 500, 100, and 50 dollar bills. You also have four 20 dollar bills. Finally, you have five 10, 5, and 1 dollar bills. Correct me if I’m wrong.

My version says 6 20 dollar bills.


But again, as the money is digital, you wouldn’t really need the bills.

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Also, I believe that houses and hotels are limited in irl monopoly. So a common strategy is to not upgrade your houses into a hotel so you can keep players from buying more houses.

There are 32 houses and 12 hotels.


And you go to jail if you roll the same amount three times in a row.


Thanks so much! This is going to be fun to make! Not so much to write about…

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Also, in order to start building houses you must have all of the properties of the same color.

In most games this makes trading a necessity in order to complete your set. I believe the rent is also doubled if you own both or all 3 cards of the same color. If you own all the utilities there is a boost, also the more railroads you own (of the 4) the more money you can charge when people land on those spaces.

Passing Go grants you $200.

Some people play, that any money you end up having to pay (taxes or community chest cards) in the game goes in the middle of the board, and can be obtained by landing on the spot that says free parking.

Imo the free parking spot should be just an empty space like the original monopoly intended, but that’s just if you want to make your game as close to irl monopoly as possible.

if you are in jail, if you roll doubles you are out, also you can mortgage the property if there are no houses on the color lot, you need a set to see how much the mortgage is worth, there is seven percent interest if you unmortgage it,

also if you need help with the dice rolling, i already made my system yesterday (before i learned you were also do monopoly), and you can use it if you want, just tell me

I made a game overlay-notification dice system, but thanks for asking! However, I only have sixteen squares to cut down on the property spreadsheet, so which spaces should I add to keep the game balanced?

Are you planning to have all the railroads, tax spaces, etc?

I would ditch the utility spaces if I were you.

All the corners are the same. One community chest, one chance, two railroads, both utility.

Does this include the corners and non-property spaces?

Yes, sixteen spaces total.

Since you have a lot less spaces I think you should cut down on the money that players have when the game starts.

Maybe have light blue, pink, red, and green property spaces