Monopoly help please

How about cutting the number of properties/color to 2?


Thanks! I’ll add that in.

I just realized that Chance and Community Chest are going to be a nightmare.

You could make it so it only has two choices-+random amount of money or -amount of money. Or maybe add in a chance for go to jail while you are at that.


in mine, you start with $15k

That’s a great idea that just saved me from making another spreadsheet.

make jail look like a real jail

I already have a space for jail.

cool spaces

what do you think of my full board:

instead of railroads i have tractors, and you can only move around your space. when you roll, if sends notif of what you rolled and it teleports you there (actually works)


You’re doing all 40 squares! Impressive!

just saw the helpian style post, i will change that!

Yeah, that’s a very nice board! Also using the tractor silhouette for the railroad system was very creative.

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Wait why is everything rotated by 90 degrees?

thanks so much, the bad part is this:

the item granters are full with 6 blocks each except for one with 4 blocks, and what do you mean everything is rotated


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how did you bypass the 20-character limit without using empty space characters???

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Boardwalk looks like it had been rotated 90 degrees clockwise, if GO is the space with the spawner. How does your game detect what space you’re on? I’m using a stupid amount of properties.

around 33% memory too, with only the mechanics for movement, not even rent yet, i just am starting