Monitoring / Troubleshooting Gimkit Creative and Gimkit using Inspect Element

What is the point of this?

This can be used to trace down issues using the inspect element tool. It can also be used to monitor how the game works, etc. It can also be used to troubleshoot game issues and gather more information for Josh to fix.

Opening Inspect Element

While in a Gimkit game, press crtl+shift+i

Menus to Monitor


This menu can be used to montor POST requests and what happens in the game. You can use it to track down warnings and errors.

Types of console messages:

  • {url: ''} or similar: This is the game server that Gimkit has connected you to. Entering the website prompts you with Welcome to Gimkit's Game Server! Instance (1) , etc, with the number being varied. This probably means how many gimkit instances are connected to that server.

  • {mapId: '652440c353708b002f72dbb6'} or similar: This is the MAP ID that Gimkit will load you in to.

  • {id: 'trail_autumn_leaves', particles: {…}, emitter: {…}}emitter: {frequency: 410, quantity: 1, blendMode: 0, speed: 0, speedVariation: 0, …}id: "trail_autumn_leaves"particles: {imageUrl: 'trails/autumn_leaves/particles.png', frameWidth: 256, frameHeight: 256, numberOfFrames: 5}[[Prototype]]: Object or similar: This is the skin that Gimkit will load you in to.

  • [Violation] 'setTimeout' handler took 95ms or similar: This is normal, the timeout latency was high, but this will be more frequent on bad network connections.

  • Requesting /api/matchmaker/intent/fetch-source/65a43f08ae22dd002bc96bca or similar: Gimkit is requesting for LOBBY ID. If it fails, an error will occur in the game. Else, it will work.


While monitoring the network, you will notice three types of data:

  • Images are the assets that Gimkit loads into the gave. Useful for making an image guide.
  • JSON code with a bracket symbol indicating post requests to Gimkit’s API.
  • JS code indicating the code needed to run GimKit, marked wtih a box symbol.


This can be useful if you want to trace the steps of what you did. Select this item from the popdown menu. Useful for telling steps to troubleshooting the issue.


Lighthouse can be used to measure the performance of your page. It will mark a score to the page. The given score will vary. A higher score in performance is recomended for making Gimkit run better overall. You cannot do this in-game.

Note: This is for providing extra information on troubleshooting Gimkit. If this is off-topic, this is for those bug-solvers. An error screen usually contains a decent chunk of information but if you want to reproduce a bug, use the recorder in the inspect element.


I think this is a nice guide!

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no idea why people would need to use inspect element to troubleshoot, but nice guide!!!

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So if we change the code to for example “Day One”, we get that gim for the game?

either that, the game detects fraud (that’s five years in prison, sir) and sets your gim to the gim you’ve equipped, or the game doesn’t know what to do and… idk

there should be somewhere where it stores your item in-game, properties, ect, right? Then we should be able to make a save file using inspect element

And what about for people using SC?

If the managed device has inspect blocked, then it won’t work on managed devices.

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like my sc :sob: (school chromebook)

This will work on:

  • Chromebooks (unmanaged)
  • Windows devices
  • Mac OS devices
  • Linux

This will not work on:

  • Managed devices

So if we have a Mac OS (for example), we can get any skin in the game?

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ig so or some other outcome will happen

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Any operating ststem works as long as your school did not disable inspect.

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YAY! I can get the Josh skin…

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But, I have not tested if we could get any skin yet. I might try to network log an action when I buy a gim.

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the josh skin, sadly, was removed from the files.

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I ran a POST request to
using the JSON code {"cosmeticId":"sticker_gimgulp"} and it ended up with 401 code, denied. I then put my headers in and it popped this 500 message up:

    "message": {
        "text": "You already own this item."

So, I decided to change the item ID to something else, and it timed out on me.

I found it times out if I try to buy a Gim with not enough money by sending an API request.

In fact, it times out with every ID I try to put.

But, can you try to buy sticker_gimgulp with the API?

To do this:

  1. Open Inspect Element >> Network
  2. Copy the Raw of your request headers.
  3. GO to
  4. Type what I did above, sending an API request to
  5. Use the cosmetic id gim_gulp using the JSON.
  6. Go to headers and paste everything in the headers tab of the tool.
  7. Remove the POST / GET part.
  8. Run the API request. I have a theory it would buy the item for you.

Update: I discovered in the source codes, character IDS I can try to buy.

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Update: I ran a POST request to again with {"cosmeticId":"character_taco"} and I guess there is a restriction that prevents me from buying the gim using an API:

    "message": {
        "text": "You do not have enough currency to purchase this item."

It probably checks your gimbucks server-side.


Oh yeah the account has to have gimbucks to attempt to make that POST request successfully.