Monitoring / Troubleshooting Gimkit Creative and Gimkit using Inspect Element

Interestingly, I’m learning a lot how the internet works.
When you type something in the forum, it sends request.
And when I bought that gim, it sent a POST request telling the API that I wanted to get the gim.


I’ve become very familiar with the inspect element recently as I’ve been doing a Gimkit coding project.


A few notes-
The API is pretty fun to mess around with! You can’t do anything that you couldn’t do normally in gimkit though, and so it’s really only useful if want to download all your skins or something tedious.

Changing the trail-
Yeah this is possible, me and others have written mods to do it. It requires quite a bit of coding knowledge to do so though. It is possible to set your trail to any trail you want, however it won’t show up for anyone else if you do this.

Changing the skin-
This is also possible. You can set your skin to anything with mods, however, it won’t show up for other people. There is also code that can change your skin, only to something you own, and it will show up for other people.

I won’t be giving out the skin code, it can be used to bypass season ticket and that’s not something that anyone should be doing.


I mean, they deleted the Josh gim from the files, so i’m pretty sure you can’t get a deleted skin (if you did, your skin would be just black and purple squares)

Or it would return the code 404.

The skin simply fails to change.

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The josh skin was actually in the files at one point? I thought it was just a meme.

Yes- in fact, on April fools of 2023, everyone’s skin was set to it in game. It also appeared in the shop for 1,000,000 gimbucks.


Did anyone get it?

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Prob not. I don’t think anyone has that much.


My brain broke reading this guide

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Some people think the gim is coming back on April Fools 2024 so they’re saving up gimbucks to get it.
I think nobody even got it.


It is physically impossible for someone to have 1,000,000 gimbucks.

@FersionSpeedy Josh said it will never be coming back, as it scared/disturbed a few people.


Not impossible.
It would take 50 weeks (a little over a year), if you had the pass the whole time and had made the max every week.

Wrong. You can only get 2,000 gimbucks a week, and so it would take 500 weeks. (Or 9.6 years)


Oof, I got my math wrong :confused:

desmos lol

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I guess a 9 year old gimkitter gets 1,000,000 gimbucks when he turns 19.

(i rounded up the 9.6 year time)

Wow this is cool. Too bad I don’t have a computer to try it on…

And you can’t reach 1,000,000 gimbucks, as the most you can get is 60,000…

Some other discoveries:

2D gamemode servers will say something like “Welcome to Gimkit’s Game Server! Instance (1)”, meanwhile on non-2D gamemode servers it will just say “Cannot GET /”, indicating that there are most likely two separate server-side codebases for the different types of gamemodes.

Also worth noting that the number most likely does not mean “how many gimkit instances are connected to that server.” - It is actually a debugging tool which tells the Gimkit team the ID of the cloud server it’s running on.