[ 🤏 Mini-Guide ] Messaging the Moderators

After a test, no trust level required for moderator messaging. Any trust level can message moderators, including @trust_level_0

  1. Go to the moderators tab:
  2. Now, send a message to the moderators, by hitting the blue message button.
  3. Say something descriptive. Then send the message and wait for them to respond.

Link to PM moderators instantly:https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/new-message?groupname=moderators&title=topic%20title&body=topic%20body


@twofoursixeight Can you add a little more material to this guide and make it longer?

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Nice mini-guide so far, but like @Anythinger said, it’s like :pinching_hand: :pinching_hand: :pinching_hand:


The instant message button will be a link at the bottom of the guide that instantly creates a template.

It dont work…

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If you flag something, it messages the moderators, idk why it’s not working for you

Well the link didn’t work but I can message the Mods so it works

The link works for me; this could be a bug with the forum.

It might be, it didn’t work for me either.

Wait I see what you were talking about now. The example link was just a dummy link, so I deleted it

thanks for the guide @twofoursixeight.

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:smiley: quote bump!

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