I need some help with this bc someone gave me a good idea

How do you change your name on the forum, like your username?

I think only mods can do that for you. You could message them, or you could just keep it the way it is.

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who is a mod, im just trying to change the year after my name to LEPRECON2024

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You can change your display name, but not user name. You might want to fill a report to the moderators asking them to change it be cause only a mod or admin can change that, because its under the user panel.

The name you change is

what do you mean, im confused…

Yes, i know that, but you can still put the name you wish there as a temporary fix.

Message the mods. The user profile page has two panels, one can be seen by only that user, and one can only be seen by mods or above. And the name change is under the second one, so it requires a mod.

Ok, i have already messaged them, just waiting on them

Alright, If you get a responce saying no, just make new account and message them to delete this one so that there is no alt account.

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