Merchant System (Very long if you do every item) Difficulty:🟧

Start off by making the merchant then the booth (do this in anyway) then add a button that will open a modal popup make it say something like merchant and the two call to actions being the types it is selling and not what I did but cant come up with anything better so I’m doing it anyway for example it would be selling zappers and wooden wands so make a series of banner popups with the call to action primary label being but (Insert Price Of Item) and the Secondary Call to Action saying next. So the way it would work is link a wire between the banner and a vending machine and make it so when Primary Call to Action is clicked Attempt to Purchase and eventually it should look like this (somewhat)Sorry about the bottom its not finished

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@ChompytheDragon the game-mechanics tag is unused.

ok sorry didnt mean to missuse the tag

Wow! This is is really awsome!

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thanks try to vote on poll

Might want to split this guide into separate steps.

  • Big blocks of text are difficult to read
  • Just put a “* “ before each line or “1. “ and “2. “ and so on depending on how you want to do it.
  1. I often use this technique to make my guides more readable and much better-looking.
  2. All in all great guide! Good use of pictures to make it easier to understand, and the poll was a great touch.

Great guide!

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Nice guide!

Nice guide!

Make sure to credit mysz’s merchant system (the more difficult one):

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