Medieval Marketplace

Hi, guys! Here are some ideas for a marketplace. We have a:

  • Armory Stand
  • Vegetable Stand
  • Book Stand
  • Fishing Stand
  • Two Circus Tents
  • Pottery and Plate stand
  • Spawn-in Area
  • Empty Stand. Ideas Please!
  • Plant Shop
  • Health and Speed Vending Machines.

-In the armory, I put in Armor Displays, Shield Stands, an anvil, a pitchfork, a stool and a market stand w/ horseshoes on it.
-In the vegetable stand, I put in item images with fruit like grapes, blackberries and blueberries. I put assorted fruit boxes on and under the table. I but fruit on the market stand cart and some ground hay under the wheel.
-In the library, I put in two bookshelves, and an item image with a magnifying glass. On the cart, I attached two scrolls and an inkwell. I made a stack of books with a ladder, too, to reach the top. Detective Baka is the Shopkeeper
-For The fish shop, I put in ground hay for aesthetics with a wagon in the background. There are two barrels, one with fish and the other is a water barrel with the item image bait hanging off the barrel sideways. There are two fish hanging off of the cart.
-Pottery and ceramics stand. I put in two stands and a vertical table holding pots. Then I put in a shield display and put in some plates.
-Empty lot needs ideas!
-Plant shop. I put in grass for the terrain, but put in flower pots and bushes in pots. For the soil bags with flowers, I made coal bags with a brown tint and just placed a flower into it. Then I copied that.
-Apple cider testing. I made a Stache and put in a kettle and made it bigger. There are two barrels and then a barrel cart to hold the cider.
-Vending machines. I actually used a different guide for these, but they give health/shield and they also give a speed boost. With the health machine, you can notice a shield can item image.

Thank you!



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Wow. So cool. I could never do that.

Thanks! Do any of you know what I should put in?

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This is what I have now…
Screenshot 2024-04-29 123323


Could you show how to do it step by step?

Maybe a fountain in the middle? Maybe a well?

nice, but why are there bookshelves outside

Cool, but could you make a step-by-step guide like @Commando asked? no pressure, just wanna know how to make this Masterpiece so that i could bring SS2:CS out of beta stage.
I am not in a rush sorry, if it sounded commanding…
Actually, just link the guide mentioned

maybe a farming stand? where you can get hay and other things

Great! I love it but maybe remove the
Screenshot 2024-04-29 7.38.30 PM

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thanks for the ideas i needed them (i cant think of anything for my new map area :frowning:)


sometimes that will push its way in to the most important stuff

I am going to work on a coal shop. Would that work?

This is it!
Screenshot 2024-05-01 113515

Feel free to add any ideas or medieval items/setups. I’m going to create a park to go with it, too.

Here are the images and full guides for each separate stall!

Plant Store

For this, I made bags of coal tinted brown, so it looks like soil. Then I put a flower in it. For the pots, I sized them up a bit and then flipped a few of them so each will look different. The sentry is Green Evil Plant. Then I just put a pot in the corner!
Screenshot 2024-05-02 112641

Cider Tasting

This was one of my simpler designs, because I am already making a cider bar in another place. This is a market stall for samples in order to increase business. I put down two wooden tables, used Stache as a sentry, and then but a wooden wagon, the one with the barrel, next to him, so it looks like a barrel full of this cider.

Screenshot 2024-05-02 112650

Vending Machines

I think I actually got these from another guide, but just added the shield can and emojis to make it look more realistic, then also hooked it up to a timed speed boost and a health granter.

Screenshot 2024-05-02 112700

Mining Shop

For this, I put down a table and then put item images with the pickaxe picture. I made a lamppost, some coal bags, and some lanterns that will help you see in dark caves. I also put down two barrels to hold future coal with shields, made bigger to look like lids to these barrels.

Screenshot 2024-05-01 113515

Blacksmith's Shop

For this shop, I put down some armor stands and a shield display, with a pitchfork next to it. I had some trouble coming up with stuff, so I put down a stool that would make it look like something else the shopkeeper made.

Screenshot 2024-05-02 112525

Fresh Grown

For this fruit vendor, I put down a table with two rows of fruit boxes, with another below it so it gives off the illusion of being under the table. I put in two more boxes of the fruits I hadn’t used, and put ground hay under the wheel of the stand. I’m not sure right now about why I added a loaf of bread, but I also added item images with fruit on them, like blackberries and blueberries. Feel free to adjust the rotation on the fruit, but I thought it looked better like this.

Screenshot 2024-05-02 112535


For the bookstore, the bookstore owner was Detective Baka, with his magnifying glass used to inspect books. There is a shelf and a ladder, with a research/magnifying glass right next to it. On the stand, there is an inkwell, and two scrolls hanging off of the cart itself.

Screenshot 2024-05-02 112548

Fish Store

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have fun with this one. There are two Staches, and two barrels. One of the barrels is filled with water, and the other has a lid, but you can’t really tell. I put a fish stack on top of the barrel with a lid, and put a wagon/cart behind the market stand. I hung two fish item images off of the market stand, too. On the barrel, I used three bait item images, tilted sideways so the hooks look like they are hanging off. I also put a item image of a galaxy fish, with a text emoji with water so the said fish looks like it is jumping out. I considered putting another fish in the water barrel with low visibility, so it would look as if it was alive and made the barrel look like the live fish tank thingy, but I figured the galaxy fish jumping out already implied that. But, if you want to, feel free to do it! I also added another fish on the fish stack, if you’re wondering why it looks so different.

Screenshot 2024-05-02 112556


The tents were mostly pre-made, but I added two sandbags and a Libre sentry to each of them.

Screenshot 2024-05-02 112626

Pottery and Plates

This is the pottery and plates area. I made a plate rack with a shield display and two different types of plates, wooden and ceramic. Then I put down two tables and scattered around different pottery pieces.

Thank you! Remember: The layers are important. I had to fidget with these a LOT


Add anything you like as long as it is marketplace-related!

Also, a new shop!
Screenshot 2024-05-06 113235
I used a Codex stack but then just layered on another codex so the stacks aren’t all identical. A few different sentries, some chemicals, and more to make magic! The plant canister and chemicals are all tinted, but the canister is made to look like it is in some kind of a casing.

I kinda have a brief guide on this though this is much more in depth so I guess it’s fine. . .