Medieval Marketplace

I have made another stand! Here is my coral/ shell stand. Basically, I put down some water and filled it with assorted coral. I tinted some of the coral, too. Try to find the three shells!
Screenshot 2024-05-07 105614

Ooh I like it! I’l try to make a stand…

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And finally, a woodwork store!
Screenshot 2024-05-08 104534

For this, I put a spoon on the market stand, and then I just grouped different wooden items, like stools, buckets, chairs and pole. Feel free to make more things! I am thinking of a bakery…

New stand! Bakery is Here! I decided to keep going, so…
Screenshot 2024-05-08 110324

Basically, I made a table and put bread with different rotations and shades so they look assorted. Then, I put a medieval pitcher, another bread, and a fork onto the stand itself.
What should I make next?

I’m using an empty stall as a park entrance!

For the sign, I used a wooden sign and pole and a text device. For the park, you can be creative, but I put in a bench, flowers and trees. Feel free to be creative!

One more stall! Army recruitment stand!
Screenshot 2024-05-08 112537

For this, I used medieval banners, a table, a scroll, and an inkwell! I put down an armor stand and a sentry, and after setting the sentry to the above layer, I set it to Kynami. Remember: all the sentries have to be on your team or they will attack!

I’m going to Bump this post.

I noticed some of the device configurations in your project. Why are you wiring up devices that are so far away :thinking:? Just use channels - it’s much easier.

Okay, thanks. But I am using the wires for teleporters, and I don’t know how to use channels for them.

I made a complete guide on teleporters! Here’s a link:

@Dfrsea Thank you! So useful!

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Does anyone want to see this art topic anymore?