The Complete Guide To Teleporters!

Yes, I know that many guides have been made on this subject, but I want to make a guide that includes all of the different editing options, which I have not seen yet.


This, my friends, is a teleporter. Use it to move around your map, or have players move around the map QUICKLY.

The first three options that are more conventionally used.

This is really important. This is the name of the teleporter, and will be used in the next selection.
Target Group
Enter in the name of a DIFFERENT teleporter. Then, when the player enters through the portal, they will go to that other portal.
Really Important: You NEED to fill out these to options if you want a conventional teleporter set
Visible In-Game
If yes is selected, players will be able to see the teleporter while playing your game. If no is selected, players will not be able to see it.

Some more options that add for more customizability.

When teleported here, transmit on
When the player gets teleported to this teleporter, broadcast the message on any channel.
Teleport here when receiving on
This is my favorite. When the selected channel is broadcasted, the player will teleport to this teleporter. Great for button-based teleporting.
Teleport to target when receiving on
Remember that Target Group selection earlier? Basically, when the selected channel is selected, the player will teleport to the target teleporter, not this one.


the group function is basically the name of the teleporter. enter the group of a teleporter into the target group of another teleporter for it to work

Amazing, great for people just getting started so they don’t have to go through so much trouble.

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Great for beginners! But, this should be in Community made Guides. Other then that, I love it!

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