Math in blocks is not working!

I have a property with a numerical value of 1
According to this code the circled answer should result in 4 but it says 3 instead
Lol - Lets say it starts with 3 it shows 5 instead of 10

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Wait let me update it

yeah… no. i look at this and i left life. My Lord, Please spare me :slight_smile:

What? That’s not even bad!

This probably won’t help, but it’s worth a try. I suggest you change the if-do beneath the circled blocks to be an else-do.


Read that @wingwave

So, is the property 1 or 3?

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It is 3. I gtg for a sec

I don’t think there is a reason that shouldn’t work…
One minute

Yeah, that’s what we’re trying to figure out.

Maybe this is because of an outside issue. Is there anything outside of the blocks that could be interfering with the property?


Fusion can you just give us like a week break from this math =) I am going to throw a Table soon if you do not listen and the table wont be the same

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It’s not even that bad! Not Unstable the table!


boy My table weighs more than me it will be interesting to throw =)

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@Gimkitsuggestor - I have a proposition for you- I will give you a week break if someone solves these 3

There’s nothing else that effects it - wow that must be a very long post @Gimkitsuggestor !

thats a horrible deal thats what I want out of this very existence

Jagwar Twins be like: look Oompa Loompa I got a bad feeling about you

and me: it will take ages!!

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Okay I solved the first problem but now I have another problem

Screenshot 2024-02-07 7.03.30 PM


@wingwave / @Blackhole927 how do I get it to go to the next odd number?

I’m dying of laughter right now

Add two for odd numbers ig? Did you fix the issue of 3 showing up as 5 instead of 10?

My code right now