How do you make this formula in gimkit?

The formula - for prime numbers

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Just looking at that broke my brain.


my number one answer is you don’t


what in the world is that


Complicated math that I don’t understand for prime numbers apparently.

1 problem I can’t do that

I think it’s like sum of functions? Last I checked that’s what the E looking thing meant.

And I think the half-brackets are floor function right?

Yes it is - I don’t know how to make it in gimkit though


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Gimkit has a Round Down block.

I’m just gonna let you Big Brain math people work this out.


As for what g(i) is… I think that is the prime detecting function? The 16 is the number of times to repeat this (I think it is represented by 2^n), and 4 is n.

Here’s a link

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That’s where I got it from

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Just trying to think on this level, (And ultimately failing) I guess you could just put like choose random integer from 0 to 2048?
As you can probably tell, I’m not that good with coding.

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I have to go for a few minutes (I have to get my deca state pic taken)

That’s way to short.

So I think this is a basic representation of how this works (it’s the inverse, kind of)?

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so like random integer from 0 10000000000000000000000? If GKC could even process that :rofl:

600 digit numbers…

Probably not possible but hey we’ll try.

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