Map Options Became a Device?

I was looking in layers, then I got Map Options in Layers, beneath the player:

when I clicked on it, it gave me a zero memory device:

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please search before you post

and just reload (if that doesn’t work then just don’t mind it because it’s not like it’s going to ruin your whole game), it’s not even that big a deal


i did search I just wanted to share that i could click on some random device with no image and i could find it in layers, and it was map options. those posts are only about the layers, not the device. I also wanted to share, technically map options is just a devices, but it shows up on the left side, and it can usually be found by the settings.

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being honest here...

not sure why you need to do that because the map options device and the typical map options are literally the same thing but with different interfaces, so this really isn’t needed

if the wording is confusing, both are the same thing but with different interfaces


It is a device.
They made it hidden so you can’t access it in devices.


Makes sense, kinda.

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