Making Custom Furniture (Discontinued)

Note: This article is discontinued. I’ve been too busy to work on it. Thanks for all the support!

Today, I will Make custom furniture

Custom TV

  1. Place a TV (On)
  2. Place Text on top of tv to make a custom display!

    This one is super easy and simple for adding extra flare to your game!
    Extra: use a barrier to change the tv display color!


This one is also very simple.
Credit to @eiqcrmeliutgwhc for creating!

1.Place a space container (on) a pan on top!

Bonus: use a flame emoji to make it look Better! You can also add food!

Again, very simple!


  1. Place a sentry down
  2. Use text to give a sword
  3. Add a shield from props

More Coming soon!


Based on your trust level, you have 1 month to complete this guide, which gives you plenty of time.
Nice guide. [The details section may make it look small]

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What should I build next?
  • Buildings
  • Sentreys
  • Anything
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Thx for the Tip! :smiley: :smiley:

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why does it close in 21 years?

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Just so it lasts a while


you can make it infinite i think…

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shouldn’t this be added to Cool ways to use props 2.0 (Difficulty ⬜ or 0/10)
I don’t think it needs a separate guide

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@twofoursixeight This looks way better!

Awesome guide!! I love it!!

Amazing guide! I like it!

It’s also my first one!


Visual bug.
Do you have a screenshot? If so, you can send this bug to

I also see that.

I did that on purpose

nice, but i made the [original] stove here:

OK then I will give you credit

Maybe if you want, you could ask a regular to make a giant wiki for resources on furniture, and just prop ideas in general with different topics.

I believe that could be a really good topic place, so instead of having a cluttered mess of art guides, which kinda went EXtinct, it all can go in one place.

Thank you, but no thank you.

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Bump. This is my first guide.
Nostalgia. Made when I was still Duo. :slight_smile: