Making an Hunger Bar

How to i make a Hunger Bar? This is for my survival game.

You mean like a bar to show how hungry you are? If yes, look at @ClicClac’s guide and make it with something other than snowballs, like a food!

I could be confused and be mixed up with it… Is there any more solutions?

It would need to be slightly modified to act as a hunger meter. It would always need to take hunger away, and increase on a button press, which you would only be allowed to press if you had food on you.


I know, I was just giving the basic jist of what needed to be done. Also, did you see the lore I made?

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I did not.


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Ok, here is what I think you need to do. Have a repeater that starts on game start. It should run its task how long you want between gaining hunger. Take an item granter that takes away 1 blueberry once the repeater runs its task. Have a game overlay, saying eat, be a button, and when pressed, check if they have a raspberry (food). If yes, grant one blueberry. That should be all if I understand right!

Is this resolved yet @LxmasHaxTakis ?

i still don’t understand what help says

The games starts, a repeater starts. That repeater takes away food every __ seconds. Then, there is a game overlay (button) that says how low your food is. When you click it, it triggers a checker that checks if you have food in your inventory. If you do, then it takes away 1 food and adds it to your hunger bar.

In this explanation, food can be any resource in-game.


It would be more helpful to have two game overlays, one to show how much hunger you have, and the other to eat food. The eating game overlay could also disappear if your food is equal to 0.

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Try This: Hunger System (2/5) 🟩

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Lxmas is suspended right now. Also this topic is super old.