Make players turn into spectators after killed

So I’m making a bedwars-type game, but instead of a bed, I used flags. I’m trying to figure out how you can make it so killing a player after capturing the flag turns them into the spectator. I already got the flag thing sorted out.

I’ve already tried using a knockout manager, but that just turns the player who killed the enemy into a spectator.

relays with the system you already have?

Create a property called “BedDestroyed.”
Make sure it’s a true/false type.

Now, connect a Lifecycle to a Trigger.

(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out —> (Trigger) Trigger

Trigger Blockcode:

if Get Property “BedDestroyed” = true
Broadcast Message On Channel “switchteam”

Now, connect the bed to a (different) trigger.

(Bed) Prop Destroyed —> (Trigger) Trigger

If you’re using flags it’s the same

(Flag) Flag Captured —> (Trigger) Trigger


Set Property “BedDestroyed” 
Value = True

Btw, these are different triggers.

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