I need help ending a Bed Wars game

I have completely finished the map I even have it to where when your bed gets destroyed then you die it sends you to a lobby, but how do I make the game end when a team dies.

Have you looked in here:

This is way to confusing

And that guide didn’t even tell me all the stuff to use.

Use the guide @Haiasi gave you

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The blocks aren’t connecting for me

Yes, that’s the uniqueness of the guide.
If a guide tells you how to do something, step-by-step, you won’t learn and have fun.
Look at the hints and mechanics and think what devices or what code match up to the hint.
It’s only one of the guides to do that and that’s what makes it unique.

Smh I think YT Shorts/Tiktok affected our ability to think and our attention span because when people can’t do something they make a help post immediately without debugging or trying to reread the guide they used and retrace their mistakes because we’re used to the quick hit of dopamine from shorts.