"Low On Energy!" Notification

How do i make it so if a person reaches 500 energy, a notification comes saying that they’re low on energy?

I think this guide is how if I remember correctly: Pseudo-Health, what it does, how to use it (Difficulty: 🟩) - #3 by ClicClac
(Are you making a Capture The Flag Game.)

Kinda confusing to me.
And yes, i am.

Have you checked them all out. Because somewhere out there this question can be answered I just don’t know where. Also, try googling your question. This is for sure doable. I googled it and got this:

What number of energy do you want it to be?


The energy tracker isn’t using a property, is it?

  1. Take an inventory item manager, and have it update the property “energy”.
  2. Place down a property and set it to a number property. Name it “energy”
  3. Set the inventory item manager to track energy.
  4. Place down a checker. Make it check if the amount of energy is less than 500.
  5. Wire the property to the checker. On property change-----run check.
  6. Place down a notification, and make that your warning.
  7. Wire the checker to the notification. On check pass----send notification.