Little Barrier Bedside Table (Difficulty ⬜ or 0/10)

Here’s an idea for a bedside table. It’s amazing if you want a technology/cyber themed bedroom.

Cake Recipe:

1 Barrier
5 Lasers

Step One:
Change your barrier size, color, transparency to one that makes you happy.
Screenshot 2023-12-08 5.13.05 PM

Step Two:
Change your laser’s color to whatever you want. Then, make sure you’ve removed the starting point, ending point, and dotted line if you want. These settings can be found in the All Options drawer.
Step Three: Change the lasers’ sizes to match the length/width of the barrier. Then, place them at the borders.
Screenshot 2023-12-08 5.13.13 PM

Step Four: Now you have a box with glowing sides. Just put one more laser right in the middle of the square.
The Final Cake:
Screenshot 2023-12-08 5.13.19 PM

There it is! Easy!
let me know if I have to credit anyone

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Nice guide!

you could suggest this at:

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Thanks! I’ll do that now.

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I ended up asking in the 2.0 version of the second one.

this is cute! Good job!

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A Bump and a half!

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