Letter-Device format

Oh yes same robeats is the thing that got me into rhythm games, but i feel like all the old good maps like Lemon Summer and croiX got deleted so I stopped and now I suck ;-;

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same, they deleted all those chart to replace them with fnf songs

The tower of pain is the last level?

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Think so. Am I wrong?

This is amazing! But also impossible :sob:

gtg but i also used to code in sheets

Same lol

Is this still being used?

Maybe? Does someone have the time to finish? I posted all of my suggestions…

Yep. Finished.

This is a really nice idea. We should adopt this!

It might be a good idea to use text annotation instead, since not everyone will want to use a drawing program.

This is still really cool though.

What if you wanted to draw a system that can’t be shown in a straight line though?

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multiple lines? could use character dividers like !1! or something to show gaps

ooh ooh !! = channels and ?? = wires what about that

No, I’m talking more about systems that would take longer to figure out how to type out then just draw. I’ll provide some pictures later. Also, I use channels and wires interchangeably, with to show it, and the edge cases where you HAVE to use one or the other are few and far between.

True, true. We should still account for them, though. The edge cases are gonna be the ones where it matters in an intricate machine that needs it.


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Most of the edge cases are things that wires can do that channels can’t.



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Dude. Being off topic on my guide is not how you create synergy.




blud is literally creating a periodic table

bump tho

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