Laser Beam Bug(s)

A laser beam bug. Again. The lasers don’t despawn, some don’t spawn, and they don’t do damage if you sit in them for 999999 seconds, but still do work when you walk into them. This is REALLY SAD for me, as I am making a boss attack guide based around lasers. Any thoughts?

Make the lasers turn on and off! How to use a laser beam (Resolved) - #4 by Jeffo

Instead of wiring the repeaters to the lasers manually, use the laser manager device! Just make sure to make all of your lasers the same group.

I suggest you refresh and reconnect your internet.

How do your lasers spawn and despawn? It might be there.

Using triggers + channels

It is intentional.And no refreshing does not do anything. I know this from past experience.

I mean, what action causes them to spawn?

Trigger relaying on a channel. Not beam manager, lasers themselves

What triggers the trigger?

The beam mananger controls the lasers.

They said that they didn’t use one.

I am suggesting to them to use one. It saves so much time from using channels and wires and makes it cleaner.

Another trigger, triggered by a counter
[Using Blocks]

Can I see the blocks? Sorry for making you work so much.

Should I send the guide?

What guide?

On boss attacks

Yeah, that too would be helpful.

  • First, decide how many attacks you want. Then plug it into this block code. I used 3 attacks, with the first two having a 40% chance and the third having a 20% chance. (The boss I was making was called the translator boss. Name the channels whatever you want)
    Screenshot 2023-10-12 6.20.18 PM

  • Next make when it attacks. make a second trigger, make it have a __ second delay, and make the second one trigger the first when triggered. I recommend turning on the ___ second wait after entering a zone or going through dialogue, (which you can make with this how-to-make-dialogue-with-a-sentry guide.) I personally used a 20-second wait
    Screenshot 2023-10-12 6.46.16 PM
    (Note: DO NOT WIRE THESE TRIGGERS! I made a mistake while creating this guide. They should already connect with the channels)

  • I recommend trapping them in a small room to make the attacks hit more often, and turning on barriers behind them to keep them trapped (and despawn when the boss dies). You can also hook up a counter with a target of one instead of straight to the trigger and make it go to the trigger when target value reached to make it so that it only triggers the first time
    Screenshot 2023-10-12 6.47.40 PM

  • Next, make the first attack. I recommend having 1-damage lasers spawn for 1/5 of a second then the real lasers 1 second later (In the same spot so the players have a warning) I made the real lasers do 67 damage in order to 3-shot the player

  • Make the 1-damage lasers turn on at ____ boss 1 and off at ____ boss 1.1, then make the REAL lasers on at ____boss 1.2 and off at ____boss 1.3 MAKE SURE THE LASERS DON’T HIT THE BOSS
    Screenshot 2023-10-12 6.55.51 PM

  • Hook it up to 3 more triggers. The first transmits on 1.1 after 0.2 seconds, the second on 1.2 after 1 second, and the third on 1.3 after 0.2 seconds.
    Screenshot 2023-10-12 7.28.58 PM

In your first screenshot, it says <= 2 and <= 4. Maybe try changing out how you use that. For example, say >= 2? I’m just saying random stuff.

Also make sure your triggers don’t have delay.

That looks really good! As I said before if you make the lasers turn on and off in one second it will probably do damage.