How to use a laser beam (Resolved)

How do you make the laser beam activate and de-activate automatically?

First The most simplest way to do that is get a button then, connect wires to the laser beam check button pressed and then check de activate or activate

Wires. From: button(this is an example there are more ways) to: laser beam.
When button pressed, deactivate/activate

Hot tip: if you make the laser appearance color black, it goes invisible.

It sounds like you want to make lasers that turn on and off automatically, on their own. If that’s the case, here’s a video explaining how to set that up, made by MathThrive.


Can you do this with channels

Yeah. When the game starts (lifecycle), wire it to trigger a trigger. The trigger (delay of x) should broadcast on TurnOff when receiving on TurnOn. The other trigger, (same delay), should broadcast on TurnOn when receiving on TurnOff. TurnOn and TurnOff activates and deactivates the laser, respectively.

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