"Just One Boss" Game Boss Attack Ideas

I Am Making “Just One Boss” In Gimkit. I Have The Lasers From The Top And Lasers From The Side Done, But I Need Other Attack Ideas.
(I plan to do the rose bush one)
Game Link: (CoolMathGames) Link
It doesn’t have to be in the actual game to be an attack

For some reason that’s blocked for me… (why does my school blocks EVERYTHING)


also I removed the idea tag that’s only for guides

Proxy Link: Link
Press Apps, Then Coolmathgames. It is under skill

I feel you. :heart: :cat:

Coolmathgames has never been unblocked.

What about an attack randomizer?

How about a slash attack that does high damage in one concentrated area.

I already have an attack randomizer.
Let me send video.
(may take a while)

I don’t need a video. What about an attack that flashes a quarter of the screen, and after a few seconds, instakills anything on that area?

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same here and don’t give me proxy links anything with the word hardc0re nublock are banned anything proxy vpn related can get me banned from the internet and then anything you touch you can say good bye in a couple days im still here because this place has the name gimkit in it


since you have lasers,
make them activate randomly!
make it unexpected for the players when they get hit at different places!

Use a coordinate grid to track where a player is and have the lasers “chase” them around. Use something like this guide.

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I’ll Make That.
Thanks For The Idea!