Just light issues now

Here is that gif. I couldn’t do anything really because gimkit decided that I couldn’t really do anything,
Sorry about the size

Also I have chess later, but maybe I can still be on for the help.

I have absolutely no idea what’s supposed to happen. Can you explain to me what’s supposed to happen (like what activates what), show me the code, and what’s going wrong?


okay. What’s supposed to happen is when Bonnie reaches the door, he broadcasts on a channel. A trigger detects that, then chooses a random integer from 0 to 1, 1= success. 0=fail. The doors are fine, the only problem is that I can’t stop the lights from deactivating.
Screenshot 2024-02-13 11.26.13 AM
Note: The bottom code is irrelevant. It’s only there cause I needed to see if that would work for changing the light situation.
This is all I can give you, @Anonymous

When do the lights deactivate?

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when bonnie shows up at my door. Every time it lands on a one for the random integer.

So the lights deactivate with a chance or 100% when he reaches the door?

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at least a 50% chance every 2 seconds. I think I have the trigger on 2 seconds before it activates.

Are you using a trigger loop?

let me check rq. It’s a trigger loop, yes. A trigger conected to a wire repeater.

So one of them has a delay right? Can you show me the blocks in the trigger?

Screenshot 2024-02-13 11.26.13 AM
It’s one trigger attached to a wire repeater.
And please ignore the bottom line of code.

So after the left door opens, there is a chance that bonnie deactivates the lights every two seconds?

No, there’s a chance that he will deactivate the lights even when the door is closed. The trigger stops when bonnie disappears. I have no Idea how I made it stop.

Is it supposed to possibly deactivate the lights even when the door is closed?

No, it is not.

Do the lights deactivate when receiving on “LeftDoorOpen”?

yeah. The way bonnie is supposed to work is that he is supposed to detect when the barrier is off, then he’s supposed to have a random chance to disable both the light and the barrier from working.
The barrier is the door.

So the door works fine, but the light can still deactivate even when the door is closed?