Just light issues now

So I’ve got my AI for Bonnie down pat, but when he gets to the left door, he will randomly turn off my barrier even though the door is closed. Then, he will turn off the lights, even though the door is closed. Also when he takes the door down, I can put it back up. It makes no sense.

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That’s weird, but sorry - I have no idea how to help.

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You’re fine. I just REALLY need help with that.

@Shadow.exe Can you send a screenshot so I can try to help. My brain is broken and I can’t really understand some things :confused:

Hi, is it possible to see the map, so I have an idea of what could be happening?

Also, it’s not AI because it may be artificial, but it’s not intelligent - it’s programmed to do certain things, not adapt to any scenario a player may enact. It’s called a program.

Ya, we need some context.

I would send a gif, exept that I don’t know how to turn a video into a gif. :confused: so I’ll try.

Use a gif converter here.

Also, @Shadow.exe I just noticed you joined this month - I’d assumed you were an OG like me. You seem pretty knowledgable about Gimkit.

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But bonnie uses an AI, he gets faster, and he is SOMEWHAT intelligent. He can take down doors apparently.

How is it sentient? How could u make that in GKC? I don’t understand.

Question, are we permitted go in the map, or is that banned?

That would be game-sharing, which is illegal on here, but not on the game-sharing wixsite.

block code.

Its banned, we would have to use a different site.

Also, what is the max size that gimkit allows on here for videos and gifs?

Oh, is it custom code, it could be the reason, custom code could be messing with things.

It seems like that bears a semblance to AI, but it isn’t truly sentient and intelligent until it can go outside of the parameters you made to better accomplish your goals (and it may turn on you)

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I reloaded the game so the code is untouched.

I think it is looping