Just light issues now

I am going to leave for now, I’ll be back.

I have no idea how to fix that. It looks confusing. Sorry, I couldn’t be more help. Your game looks interesting, though - is it almost done?

Reach out to @LEPRECON2024 or @FusionLord. They’re pretty good with devices + mechanics and may be able to help.

Is it done, before I leave?

I have the new gif.

@Shadow.exe ? You there?

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yep. I just posted on here.

um, @FusionLord, if you’re not busy with your math, could I have some help with this?

What do you need help with exactly?

Sorry, I don’t know what to do to help.

@Shadow.exe needs help fixing an “ai” glitch, but no one knows how to do it.

Its not an AI glitch, its just the channels and the stuff for it.

Can u show us the block code for the “ai”? That may help us help u.

Oh, Im stuck on that, im only good help with simple mechanics, like for example, Cookie GimClicker, stuff like that.

Again, the block code for the AI is down pat. Nothing needs to be changed for that.

Screenshot 2024-02-09 10.04.34 AM
This is the block code for when he reaches the door. This is a different trigger.

Please explain the problem again, but with better wording.

Yes I just responded.

side question–are you reading my messages on blog?–GimKit101

You could are you trying to have bonnie break down the door, because when bonnie breaks the door, you should make it send message on a different channel but it still gets rid of the barrier BUT also gets rid of your ability to close that door.?

Okay, so I’m having problems with my doors and lights system. My trigger for the doors and lights is screwed up, and when he reaches the door, he broadcasts (I think) on a channel, which the trigger receives, and starts doing stuff for this.

He’s not supposed to break the door. He’s supposed to make it so you can’t close it again when it’s opened. Not break it.