Items on ground to pick up

So I’m trying to make this map where you need to find seeds lying around the map to plant stuff but I’m not sure how to do it. I know it’s possible because in other people’s maps they have stuff on the floor in the overflow sort of thing and in fishtopia there are some fruits lying around the place to pick up. please help I am really clueless :pleading_face::confused:

You can use Item Spawners to endlessly spawn items. Hope this helps!
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You can also use the Item Image device and wire it to an Item Granter.

I did try using the item spawners but you can’t wire anything to it and it says the thing will respawn but I don’t want it to.

Ohhh thankyou will try this I will see if it works fingers crossed

Try using EggNoodle’s answer
Also, place a hidden trigger with no pressure sensitivity in the middle with triggerable times to 1. This should only let it happen once. Hope this helps!

Ok I will check that out because I just found out that the item image thing cant be wired to anything either!

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This guide should work

Just realized that. You can use an invisible button wired to an Item Granter.
Then wire that button to the Item Image device and set to Hide item image.

You can wire that to a trigger with the above configuration, so it can only be triggered once.

I just tried out the strategy that coolcaden26 sent me and it worked. thanks guys that helped a lot.


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