How to make a pickup able item! no item spawner!(NEW WITH ITEM IMAGE)

I’ve noticed some people don’t know how to do this, and with the new update with the item image, it’s easier than ever!

you will need:
-item image device
item granter

  1. place down the button with these settings:
    send a signal when pressed: (placeholder)
    Visible to players: no
    deactivate when recieving signal: (signal you made earlier!: (placeholder)

  1. place item image on top of button(whatever item you choose)
    edit the settings so it deactivates with :frowning: placeholder signal )

  2. place down the item granter with the item shown on the item image
    edit the settings so it grants the items on ( placeholder signal )

And Voila! you have a working pickup able item!

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This makes a lot of sense! Thanks!

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For future notice, you may want to crop out the code in the top left corner.


By the way, welcome to the forums.

oh yeah I didn’t noticc that thanks

I already made this (guide in bio)

Yeah… good guide and all but there are a bunch of guides on this…

ok… idc. lol. not everyone is going to be able to find the same guide

js saying… I saw your poll and as Hacker said they were all guides that were already created. Next time just try harder when thinking of a unique guide. I won’t feel offended if you ignore this but it’s advice…

hmm. i’ll think about it