Is there a way to make this loading idea?

I want this idea to be where when you get teleported somewhere there is text that goes (Loading. loading… loading…) but I want it to rotate. So to where it’s smooth, if it doesn’t make sense all I want is for the dots to go from 1 to 2 to 3.

I think using triggers would work

like have trigger1 transmit on channel whatever and then channel whatever activates trigger2 which transmits on a different channel whatever so on and so forth

Search before you post:

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Talking to me or @Jacob?

Idk, I guess @Jacob, because he made the topic.

Ok thank you for the confirmation

Ok thanks for the help and i’ll be sure to listen to you cause im kinda ish new.

WAIT WHAT! HECK NO! This makes no sense at all! I checked the community guide lines and it makes NO SENSE! PLEASE RESPOND!


Are you familiar with the concept of animation?

Nope, not at all… wouldn’t have a clue