How to make a ¨loading¨ animated popup! :3

so first things first place down 4 triggers make them not visible in game and cannot be stepped on find these both in the config tab in the trigger
Screenshot 2024-01-09 12.17.47 PM
Screenshot 2024-01-09 12.18.31 PM
then make the transmit on ¨1¨, ¨2¨, ¨3¨, and ¨4¨"channels make the triggers trigger when receiving on the channel that came before them like for example trigger 1 which transmits on one trigger upon receiving on channel ¨4¨ and transmits on ¨1¨ and trigger 2 triggers upon recieving on channel ¨1¨ and transmits on channel ¨2¨ and so on and so forth next place down a popup and create 4 blocks like this
Screenshot 2024-01-09 12.24.37 PM
(i used dots to name channels instead of numbers so please pretend each dot is a number)
and have block code like this with dots corresponding to the number channels

and make the popup close upon channel ¨done loading¨
now to actually make something that opens the popup use a wired button to open the popup and make the button transmit on channel ¨4¨ or ¨1¨ to start the loading sequence oh and make sure to set a 1 second delay on each of the triggers and put 4 max triggers on the first or last trigger to stop the loading and now place down a counter and wire it to the trigger with a limit of max triggers make the counter target equal to the max triggers and once the counter reaches its target make it transmit on done loading
Screenshot 2024-01-09 12.35.14 PM
this is what you should have so far
and now for the ¨done loading¨ actions!
place down a teleporter and make it teleport player when receiving on ¨done loading¨
and place down a notification that says ¨done loading¨ and sends notification when receiving upon ¨done loading¨ also reminder make the popup close upon receiving on ¨done loading¨
alright with all that done have a good day meow! :3 (tell me if i missed anything and here the finished product)
Screenshot 2024-01-09 12.40.02 PM


that is genus. i love it

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thanks! :3

This is an amazing idea!

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Agreed! This is amazing. This is something cool.

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well technically not cuz this is using a popup and that is using text and prop animations or wait… did i not read the entire guide again ima double check edit:nope did not copy but i will add credits to him

Nope sorry. I forgot about the guide… It’s NOT a duplicate.

Why did you write that?

Oh thats a fun idea!

BUMP, you can do this with 500 memory instead of 2,000.

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this is a nice creative idea! can’t believe i didn’t see this guide before. this will work great in one of my maps, thanks! :D


bump loading.
bump completed! :3