Is there a way to make it so you can track where your enemies are (Resolved)

lets talk on the chat tho and again mods don’t bann anyone else but me plz!

good ridance @anon73616841

Ok… Let’s stop this argument right here. You have already receiving many warnings, and this argument has gotten out of hand. This is done.

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@anon73616841 u know I could flag u at least 50 times but I’m not

fine good idea Im_Pretty_Cool and also before I get banned does anyone have any ideas on what this post is actualy about?

Also how did u guys decide who was a GimAvenger, or did people just put it under there profiles

hey guys r u able to get on the wixsite right now because I’m not

@Apoll02 u there

whats better a GimAvenger or a Guardian of the Gimaxy



I think it should be the Gimvengers

what happened to them?

They started hating each other


Yeah, it was this whole… thing.


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Basically what happened:

one tried to sound smart-alecky, the other got mad and flagged posts and wanted to ban and than they started arguing

Oh yeah, I remember that

Was it the thing where mythtaken was messing with the ai?