Is there a way to make a security system

If there is a way can you help?

what are you asking? like what type, secure from what

try these guides?

five nights at freddy’s? (this thing has to be 20+ characters long bro)

use the symbols <> and add words, not numbers in-between them and it hides what you say but looks like you bypassed the character limit.

If you mean like you step on a tripwire and it sets of an alarm you can put a trigger and make it send a notification, if you want security cameras you can make it teleport you to a spot that nobody can see you

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Like a team base security.

yeah, imagine vector’s house in despicable me 1

Yes like that, because im tryna make a safe house for players on that team.

If you are doing a team one then you can place triggers across any openings the other side can get to, then connect all the triggers to a wire repeater and make it so only the opposite side can trigger it. Then wire that to a relay and make it triggering player.Then you can use a respawn or use a laser or something that kills them, wire the relay to the killing machine (turning it on) then wire the relay to a wire repeater and make it have a delay of some amount of time, then wire it to your killing machine, turning it off. Let me know if this works


It does work, thanks.

Yup! Anytime! I just started making thumbnails so if you want me to make you one just mention me

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