Security camera room 1/10

Make the camera room, decorating how you like. Add a teleporter with text below it saying were you what to see.

Then make the place that you will be spying on. Add a hidden teleporter with props around it and on top of it. When a play goes into the security camera room and looks into the place you choose, they will be Teleported into a hidden part of the room


Thats a pretty good guide!

Is this your first guide?

Ugh. I hate to post three times in a row but i just noticed. Make sure to keep your tabs out of your photos. You might get flagged for personal info!

nice first guide! This is pretty basic, so I would give it a 2/10 :green_square:
add that to the title so ppl know the complexity of this guide

It’s a bit too short and basic in my opinion, but it’s still fine. I’ll say guide 1/10. Pretty nice guide.

how do you get to the camera room?

it’s art right?


Some constructed critsism:

  • Make the guide longer
  • Add more details
  • The guide is 1/10 (I’ll add that)
  • Remove other tabs and only get screenshots of the game
  • Remove game codes
  • Be Creative! It is Gimkit Creative after all!
  • Use these things once you make a long guide:

This text will be hidden

  • Use security Cameras for a security camera room

Ok. Will will keep my tabs out of screen shots in the future.

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Yoy can make a path to the camera room.