Is there a way to end the game when someone gets knocked out?

um so me and my bro are making a pvp battle game or whatever and we want to end the game when one of us gets knocked out but we don’t know if that’s thing

I believe you would wire a lifecycle to an end game device?

But if you want them to spectate do what @FersionSpeedy said

correct me If I am wrong I just woke up

Use a lifecycle and change the setting “Player Knocked Out”. Get a team switcher and set it to “Specific Team”.

Wire them both by pressing Z and clicking on the lifecycle and team switcher. Click 2 boxes on the wires:

Event Occurs ----------> Switch player to team

Wait, do you want to end the game when a player is knocked out or the player to spectate when knocked out?
Also, is it just you and your friend playing your game, if so (and if you want to end the game when one of you has been knocked out) you can just connect a Knockout Manager/Lifecycle to the End Game device.

If you’re planning your game for multiple players and for it to end when one player is left, I suggest you look at these:

(This youtube video by MathThrive explains CringeKarlScott’s Fully Functional Battle Royale guide and how to do it.
Link below.)

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thank y’all so much for helping me! I’m testing it out now


In the video, he says that it went wrong

Alr it works perfectly!! thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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